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Himanshi Khurana on her Lockdown To Do List, most googled search, fights, PM Modi's speech |Covid 19

 you won't believe I have done my nails just yesterday and I have washed dishes and literally I have broke my pan because of anger I broke my pan out of anger because I had sudden mood swing I saw Vada Pav recipe did you make it no I haven't make it I saw YouTube channel of Deepika Kakkad's sister so she was making Vada Pav when fourth lockdown

 got announced I was in Ludhiana I went with pass when he came to give a speech we were watching we were just waiting that just say designs of gowns wedding gowns or generally I love evening gowns I wish when the delivery starts and I order I have hobby of designing Crossword my younger brother was living with me and we went and stock

 lot's of oreos and other things we didn't have any space in kitchen because we brought so much chips and he is just 14 he plays PubG so he needs all this thing so we stocked these things after that we never let anyone come coconut water you love coconut water is it yeah we don't get it here because in Punjab we get these tender coconut box so it is full of it and I am getting too many pimples during this lockdown I don't why it never happened before but now I can see so I am hydrating myself with it you won't believe I have done my nails yesterday

 I have washed so many dishes I broke my pan because of anger I broke my pan out of anger because sudden mood swings I never had fight with my manager but we had arguments 2 times I fought with my younger brother and she said I want pan because I eat food made by her she knows what I eat and she makes for me she said you broke my pan

 so I want it back, I have to gift her new and we broke TV remotes and now we are not getting one my dietitian's mom makes oil so I have recently started the oil and it's amazing it is good oil and I have done oiling and face remedy we don't apply any market face pack we mix Sarso and apply it on our face I have tried to detox myself with water cucumber lemon it was good mint water I haven't ate something weird, following proper

 I have lost 3-4 kg's I saw Vada Pav recipe did you make it no we didn't make saw Deepika Kakkad sister's YouTube channel and she was making Vada Pav usually we make home made food me and my manager so use to make something everything even my younger brother can cook good I ate Vada Pav in Juhu so we saw the remedy and it was easy Rich crazy Asian and I have seen many dreamy films on Netflix my mom is die heart fan of Modi Ji

 so be anything at home they watch when fourth lockdown was announced I was in Luthiana I went with pass when he was giving speech I was watching we were just waiting that he says I like his trick a lot mentally he first made everyone understand and then it is going to continue I have studied from Arya Samaj school so I know the meaning Hindi typical Atmanirbhar I remember when we were allowed a bit like you can go out to take grocery around 4-6 pm and I went and it was all silent when I stayed in Canada 3 months in summer it is very depressing environment sometimes because everyone is working and everything is silent so

 I was connecting the same thing, India is also facing same now I am very spiritual and I use to tell people who have earned money by destroying nature now nature is taking it back it says that we all have spoiled it the nature destroyed it you all earned because of me made roads, industries it's time to take it back people who have earned it are now in loss be it air lines, air traffic be it whatever it is in loss but nature is healing so when it comes on her so she shows one hand we can say that environment is cleaning