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AIR FRYER CRISPY TOFU RECIPE! Easy, Yummy & Healthy 😋 ~ Emi

 Hi, I'm Emi Recently, very obsessed with my new toy Air fryer! It's super easy to use but this is XL, the largest size. Another good thing about air fryer Is that you can add less oil. I still get the crispy a bit fried texture.

I've been trying to experiment with different recipes and incorporate them into my weekly Healthy eating at hom.

 So far, one of my favorite recipes is tofu Tofu is a great source of Plant-based protein. When you choose tofu for air fryer It's better to pick the harder ones ... is the type of Japanese hard tofu that I really like to use

. Or there's another type of Taiwanese tofu that Sometimes me and my family would use Drain it The second step is to press the tofu to get more of the water out And now we'll use the food bag to marinate the tofu You can mix it well together without breaking the tofu But then we put them in a bowl and you use something to stir.

 It's very easy You can marinate the tofu however you like it's quite freestyle I normally just marinate it according to how I feel that day. You don't necessarily need to follow my steps and my Ingredients: the first one is black sesame oil The second one is soy sauce and I also got a bunch of organic spice powders from ... I never measure anything.

 So I just do it according to how I feel Bit of black sesame oil, soy sauce mix it together And now we'll do the dry mix really depends on what spices or like ingredients you have at home you don't need to add all And now we'll let it marinate for a bit I'll let it marinate for around 30 minutes and then I'll come  back for the final step a few moments later Now we'll get our tofu out Marinade it well We'll divide this tofu into two different batches.. one is more deep fried Crispier texture that I think it's more popular.

 The other batch is what I personally prefer because I don't like food That is super deep fried. So it's more pan fried, but we can cook the two different batches in one go First Emi is gonna put in  half of the tofu, which is going to be the pan-fried version We'll dip the tofu into corn starch to create the crispy texture This half is the more pan fried version So require one less step without the corn starch. Adding the cornstarch makes it crispier more deep-fry texture and it requires a bit longer cooking For temperature, whatever I cook I always like to use 180.

 For time it actually depends on how big your tofu is. My recommendation is not to do it for too long in the beginning because if they're not cooked enough then you can just add more time Let's do eight minutes. I'm very excited it is my first time trying your tofu I'm the only one that I know Prefer the pan fry versions of everyone else like that way also Mmm, you guys can try both..Smells so good Mmm, so I just open it like this.

Yeah. I'm excited 1 2 3 So good already super golden brown. The pan fry one is already how I want them to be. Yeah I don't want them to be too burned. The deep fry one, I think I can do them a bit longer And now we're going to flip the deep-fry ones a bit before putting it back It's so easy! Really good for people who can't cook. Mix everything together you don't even need to measure anything just oh whatever  you like and it comes out amazing We're just gonna do one more minute.

Eight minutes plus two minutes so ten and now additional one minute so eleven minutes in total Perfect So these are the pan fight ones you can see a bit softer and these are the deep fry ones crispier ones looks so good Which one you want to try this the non cornstarch ones the softer ones So good like this non deep fry ones I can eat soo many. Her dry rub formula is really good. You're such a good chef And the smoothie juice Normally if you don't use air fryer

, use just a pan, you need to add soo much oil in order to achieve this So that's it for today's video Hope you guys like this  air fryer tofu recipe. I did!  Try it and share it on Instagram. Tag me @emiwong _ and I would love to see your air fryer tofu as well Yeah, before you go subscribe and turn on the notification button, so you won't miss more air fryer recipes Byee