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iPhone SE (2020) - Three Months Later

Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech andthe 2020 iphone se or the iphone se 2 has been out forover three months now or 90 days or so and this particular phone is one of thebest phones apple has come out with in a long time if you're looking forsomething that's fairly inexpensive in the iphone worldand so this particular phone i used it for anentire week as my main phone i normally use an iphone 11 promax but the iphone 11 pro max may either be too big for some people orjust too expensive and that's usually the case when someone's
iPhone SE (2020) - Three Months Later  looking for aniphone se so this phone ranges from 399 to 549 andyou can get 64 128 or 256 gigabytes this is the 128 gigabyte model so thisis more than enough storage for most peopleand after using it for a few months i find that honestly if apple offeredthat size in the more expensive phones that's probably what i would get storagewise does not seem to be an issue for me and you'll see i'm on…

OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera Test Comparison

- What's up guys Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another SuperSafStyle camera comparison. This time it is between theOnePlus Nord and the iPhone SE. Things are really heating up in this, sort of, 400 pound price point. We're going to be testing outall aspects of the cameras, front-facing, rear-facing, images, post, low light, everything.

 They will be some timestamps down below if there's a particular sectionthat you want to skip to. We are currently usingthe front-facing cameras. The OnePlus Nord canactually film up to 4K, the iPhone SE can only film up to 1080p, so here's what the qualitydifference is like.

OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera Test Comparison

 Now OnePlus Nord also has anultrawide front-facing camera. So let's just quickly switchto that and have a look. And if we switch to this, you can see that we can geta lot more into our shots, although dynamic rangedoesn't seem as good, but nevertheless, the option is there whichis always nice to ha…

How to Create and Delete Amazon Prime Video User Profiles

Hey everyone. I'm Max Dalton, and in this video I'll showyou how to create and delete Amazon Prime Video user profiles in the Prime Video mobileapp for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the Prime Video app on Roku, and also on theAmazon Prime Video website. Amazon Prime Video has content for everyone.

 However, if everyone is using the same userprofile then recommendations and tracked show progress can be all over the board, and everyoneadds content to the same watchlist. To address this, Amazon rolled out the abilityto create Prime Video user profiles in mid-2020. Creating a Prime Video profile for everyonesharing a Prime Video account ensures that recommendations and progress are associatedwith the shows and movies they watch, and it also gives them the ability to build theirown watchlist.

How to Create and Delete Amazon Prime Video User Profile

 You can also create a profile for kids, whichwill only present them with children's content. In this video I'll show you …

Amitabh Bachchan Infected with COVID-19

On 11th July 2020 Saturday, at night rumours began spreading that actor 77-year-old actor Amitabh Bachchan has tested positive for COVID-19. Bachchan later Tweeted and announced COVID positive status.

He said that he has shifted and quarantined at the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. Family and staff have all been tested and they are waiting for results. Amitabh has requested all those who have been in close proximity to me in the last 10 days' to get tested for COVID-19. Abhishek too announced his Covid-positive status via a Tweet.

 He said, “Both my father and I tested positive for Covid-19, we both have mild symptoms and are in hospital. We have informed all the required authorities and all our family members and staff have been tested." Abhishek has requested everyone to stay calm and not to panic because of their infection.

 Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said  the actor is asymptomatic and stable. Abhishek Tweeted and confirmed the news that, his Aishwarya Rai Ba…

NBF Helps Deaf Community During Lockdown

In Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram there is a Taluka named Neyyattinkara where there is an association named NBF. It was founded in 2013 and got registered in 2018. NBF's President is Prasanth PS - sign name - and General Secretary is Rejin Mohan M - sign name -

Have a look at their Board members. Heeba WR Chairperson of Neyyattinkara Municipality, told NBF that she has a space that can be used by NBF for a good cause. NBF were very happy. Their aim is to encourage Deaf Individuals in the society and provide awareness, sports, education, etc. NBF has helped out during the Kerala floods by providing donations, They even contributed to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund in Kerala for the floods.

They even contributed for the famous Onam festival as well. They have contributed to many such initiatives. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many were suffering. NBF wanted to extent their support but Board members weren't able to meet each other due to strict lockdown rules im…

Himanshi Khurana on her Lockdown To Do List, most googled search, fights, PM Modi's speech |Covid 19

you won't believe I have done my nails just yesterday and I have washed dishes and literally I have broke my pan because of anger I broke my pan out of anger because I had sudden mood swing I saw Vada Pav recipe did you make it no I haven't make it I saw YouTube channel of Deepika Kakkad's sister so she was making Vada Pav when fourth lockdown

 got announced I was in Ludhiana I went with pass when he came to give a speech we were watching we were just waiting that just say designs of gowns wedding gowns or generally I love evening gowns I wish when the delivery starts and I order I have hobby of designing Crossword my younger brother was living with me and we went and stock

 lot's of oreos and other things we didn't have any space in kitchen because we brought so much chips and he is just 14 he plays PubG so he needs all this thing so we stocked these things after that we never let anyone come coconut water you love coconut water is it yeah we don't get it he…